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Why do our products have “Superior Performance”?

our_faq_pageThe cleaning products we sell are the result of a Safer and Superior New Product Standard that has led to more than 160 “green” certified products by major governmental and non-profit organizations worldwide. The Standard is as follows: Safer for the Environment / Safer for Human Contact / Superior Performance / Superior Savings. Each and every product we sell must meet the Safer and Superior New Product Standard, which well exceeds governmental and institutional laws and regulations pertaining to “greener” and “safer” cleaning products. The Standard is meant to ensure that customers do not need to lose in performance and cost when switching to safer and more environmentally friendly cleaning products. We will address the third of the four parts of the Safer and Superior New Product Standard in this post.

Superior Performance – You want safety, but you must have top performance.  Originally, this was a major complaint about green products. More recently, there are green products on the market that perform very well. The perception still exists that green products don’t work as well and they cost more to use. Unfortunately, there are enough poorly performing, green products out there that the perception still gets regular reinforcement. The reality is that there are also plenty of brown products that don’t work well and there are green products that work as well or better than the best brown products. We only provide products that adhere to very high standards of performance and that have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing to meet an internal Safer and Superior New Product Standard in order to ensure that our products perform as well as or better than the more toxic traditional products. Professional Cleaning Performance – Our products are tested for cleaning performance against the best in the Professional Cleaning Industry, regardless of whether or not the competitive product is “green” or “brown” (toxic), and our product must meet or exceed the competitive product’s performance. Our product formulations are used by professionals to clean hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, stadiums, arenas, shopping centers, malls, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, etc. in North/Central/South America and the Virgin Islands, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Controlled Cleaning – We do not take the corrosive, sledgehammer approach to cleaning that our competitors prefer. We clean the soil without damaging your valuable properties. The formulations are designed for Controlled Cleaning.  They specifically target and remove stains and soils. They are formulated to “emulsify” with the soils for easy and user-friendly removal.  Emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (un-blendable).  This mixing of cleaning solution and soil happens above the surfaces and materials being cleaned and, thus, allows for extremely effective cleaning performance without harming the valuable areas being cleaned. Concentrated Cleaning – Our products are in concentrate form and may be tailored to specific strengths in order to ensure good performance. The Concentrated Cleaning approach allows the user to dilute the concentrate with water as opposed to being tied to whatever solution they purchase from a competitive product. A competitive product may be too strong and result in a waste of product by using more than what is necessary, or may even harm or damage a sensitive surface or material. Conversely, a competitive product may be too weak and a complete waste of resources and time in being ineffective and not able to remove the stain or soil.  With concentrated products the user is not locked into one strength and may alter the concentration on an ongoing basis to address whatever cleaning task is desired from light to heavy cleaning. Versatile Formulations – Our products are specifically formulated to lessen the overall impact of having multiple products to clean many stains and soils or for cleaning many different surfaces and materials. Each product contains a unique versatile formulation that allows the user to achieve a tremendous amount of performance effectiveness across a wide range of cleaning jobs with only one product. This saves the user in overall resources and in space in the closet or under the counter.

Our products are “Superior in Performance“, because they are formulated for Professional Cleaning Performance, Controlled CleaningConcentrated Cleaning, with Versatile Formulations. The user can optimize the strength of the diluted product for each and every cleaning task within a wide range of surfaces and materials that can be cleaned.

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